Planter “disseminating” seeds for a garden…
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I am sure people have looked at the tag line of this blog and wondered, “What does she mean by disseminator?” Well, I am glad you asked. For the sake of this post, I will speak on this title briefly even though it is the full focus of this blog and everything I do online/offline.

Let’s define the word first. On Dictionary.com a disseminator is defined as one who “scatters or spreads something widely, often one that spreads information or ideas”. So what is the verb within the role disseminator? You guessed it! Disseminate, which is structured in the definition above. You may be wondering how I found out about this term. Believe it or not, disseminated takes the place of “multiple” when it comes to my diagnosis. Multiple Sclerosis is actually known as disseminated sclerosis. So in short, they are telling me that the scars that were “planted” in my body were intended to travel and do damage. Well, even though that was the diagnosis naturally… God has different plans spiritually. I intend to “disseminate” only positive ideas, information and inspiration.

Professionally, I am a disseminator of information through technology. That is what I loved to do as a child. I had something to say and I wanted to explore a way to “disseminate” it. This was the early nineties when this love began. I love to write and create content that inspires. From that love, I simply adored computers and their ability to share information with people all around the world. So I started my own web hosting venture in 2004 and is still in operation today! www.Quiyada.website has been my way of helping others do what I love to do… share your information, ideas and inspiration with others through online presences. It is a joy to have the opportunity to do something I love for myself and others. I admonish you, your organization or your business to check out what I have to offer.

I am on many social networks as “Quiyada” and I have become friends with many people who have similar scars, especially those who have been diagnosed with multiple or “disseminated” sclerosis. We build each other up. That is what it is all about.

When you visit this website, you will see me “disseminating” only positivity. If you see me doing anything else, please let me know and I guarantee you it will be removed. That’s on period! Everything that has QUIYADA on it will be edifying you and glorifying God. From my services to my products… it’s all about you and I living beyond our scars. I aim to promote forgiveness, fidelity, holistic living and love. Welcome to the mission. I pray that something that I say or do will bless you immensely. Blessings. -Yada

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