No Other Help…

We choose lots of ways to get relief. We could call this person and they may help. Maybe we can look up information online to see how we can get some assistance. We always have a plan, or at least we think we do. What if God just wanted you to talk to YAH about it? If we discuss it with YAH it would solidify a great plan because its spearheaded by something greater than us.

It is almost arrogant or prideful to assume that we do not need to reach out to God, about EVERYTHING that concerns us. We might think, “I got this! I don’t need to pray about it.” But the Word tells us to pray continually, and with good reason. It is comforting, it will relax your mind, and it will give you a better strategy. Trust me, whenever I blog about anything on this website, it is not in an arrogant way. I have not dotted every “i” or crossed every “t” but my experiences have taught me a lot.

I have learned that my hope definitely needs to be built on Yah because that is where stability is. I recently posted about how I was dealing with multiple sclerosis. I prayed and I got direction. It was not just spiritual, it was physical. God reminded me of some basic things that I had not remembered. My diet needs to change, I have to stop being so easily offended, and I need to renew my relationship in my spirit towards Yah and others. After the conversation, I had to own up to the truth that was being delivered. Now, I am prepared to do better. However, that would not have been the outcome if I chose not to go to Yah in prayer as the Holy Spirit instructed.

Imagine having everything you need, inside of you. You may feel that way now, with Yah’s involvement, but you are mistaken. This only happens when you have a relationship with Yahweh, have been blood-bought by Yeshua, and have the Holy Spirit walking with you every day… THEN YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. It is just a matter of activating or reactivating the relationship and operating under divine instruction. There is a scripture that is dear to me. It is found in Psalms 25:14-15. Reading these verses helps me solidify my place in the heart of God.

It says, “The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare.” (NIV). I like to personalize scriptures when I read. So when I come across this scripture I feel this way:

The Lord confides in me because I fear and respect Him! He makes His covenant known to me. I will keep my eyes on the Lord because only Yah will release my feet from what has me trapped. Amen!

Be blessed.

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