“Magnify and Exalt” DPWC Midday Motivation

Psalms 34:3 has two verbs that show an action that we should apply to God. We should MAGNIFY Him and we should also EXALT Him. When we magnify our Father we make Him greater than what we see. Think about it. What thing in your life is BIG or appears to be BIGGER than the GOD you serve? Take that situation and magnify your GOD against it. In many situations we magnify the situation over God. Your bill is due and you don’t know where the money is coming from, We are quick to say, “I don’t know how this is going to get taken care of! I can’t take care of this!” Instead we should magnify our God against the situation and say, “My Father will supply all my needs and He is working this situation out in my favor.” In the latter situation God is magnified over the circumstance. Where can you magnify God today?

Secondly, it says that we should EXALT His name. When something is exalted, it is lifted to a higher level. The Bible says that GOD should be highly exalted. If everything negative appears to be exalted, place God where other things are. When we exalt God above our situations we place Him higher than what seems to be above our ability or our provision. So, in our next situation where the issue seems above our heads or out of our natural view, lift God above the situation. When we lift Him up we can also look toward the hills and find help.

Then it tells us how to do these two verbs. We should magnify and exalt God TOGETHER. Do you know someone in a similar situation or going through their very own trial? Admonish them to do the same thing with you. When we magnify and exalt God together, we display His name as great and powerful and your testimony will bless someone as theirs does the same for you.

So try that next time. I will do the same. Make God bigger and lift Him higher- TOGETHER and greatness will be your portion. Amen.

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