Trust God Regardless…

“God isn’t fair! This Christian lifestyle is worthless and I am going back to my old life!”, says the Christian who questions why God operates the way He does…

If God is everywhere at all times, He has heard many of us make this statement. Some of us are quick to say that the God who woke us up, healed us, came through countless times… is unfair. But how so? Well, sometimes we see others more blessed than us or they are where we think we should be. With all this visual and emotional stimulation, it is easy for us to think that we are missing out and that something is not just about getting blessed.

It should be understood that God owes us no explanation for how He blesses us or others. We do not know the thoughts and secret actions of others, but we know our own. We do not know the plan of God for someone else’s life or even our own. It is not our place to tell God that what He does is unjust because in actuality it isn’t. That secret deed that we did was seen by God. The evil or jealous thought that you had about someone was known before you even thought it. When you think about it, is he really unjust or are we just being spoiled? We oftentimes think that we deserve something and our actions say otherwise.

When the claim is made that God isn’t fair, remember how FAIR He HAS been. We sinned and didn’t think twice about it because we figured that God was good enough to forgive us in the end anyway. There were assignments that He gave us and we dropped the ball. I am saying WE because I have done the same thing. Look back over your life and you will see that we are the ones who aren’t fair. Our sins were purchased and remitted with physical torture, death and resurrection. God is so great and the end result was known before Jesus stepped on this earth. Even though He was mocked and crucified, the end result was the only thing that was on the mind of Christ.

While in the Garden of Gethsemane Christ cried to His Father, asking if the cup of persecution could pass. Even in this He remained faithful to us, or dare I say He thought the will of God was FAIR. Of course He went through ridicule while He was here and it even led Him to a cross but our destiny was just that valuable. Was that fair? Can we say that we would do the same for someone so undeserving? Yet, He took our sins and paid our debt. What nerve of us to say that God is unfair!

You may ask, “Well, why am I going through all of this then, if He loves me so much?” I pray this video answers that question in detail. God’s will has a way of showing us ourselves and making us better after the tribulation. When in doubt about His will, whether it be trial or circumstance, please believe that He is still in control and your outcome will outweigh the process to the promise. Stay blessed and stay trusting God. He has your best interest in mind. Blessings.

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