“Yesterday, Today, FOREVER!” – DPWC Midday Inspiration

I have heard it said far too many times, (and I may have said it myself) “People change so much! You don’t know who you can depend on!” Well, it’s true. There are people who cannot be wholeheartedly trusted and if we are honest, we have been guilty of not loving our neighbors as ourselves. One person in our lives have been consistent in their behavior with us… that’s GOD.

Even though we haven’t been faithful to HIM, HE still finds a way to continue to be true to the nature of HIS character. There is no need to doubt the love that is shown by Abba. I have heard people say in church, “I can’t doubt Him because I know too much about Him.” If your relationship with God is solid, you can testify to the fact that Jesus is the same, YESTERDAY, TODAY and you can bet it will last FOREVER. Amen!

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