Personal Independence Day

I am going to speak today about independence. I believe that anyone from any country can relate, even though today America is celebrating July 4th as its Independence Day. Even though the nation capitalizes this as a nationwide holiday, it is indeed true that not many people were free on this day. However, most people have this day off from work to have barbeques and to take some time to acknowledge freedom.

Are you really living in YOUR independence?

A few weeks ago, we celebrated “Juneteeth”. The African American community recognizes this as the day when a certain group of slaves were actually told that they were actually free. Think about it. Having freedom yet not knowing it, was probably just as inhumane as being a slave in the first place. Even receiving their freedom didn’t totally classify them as being free… until they knew it.

Independence should be regarded the same way. Independence is defined as, the fact or state of being independent. What does it mean to be independent? When you are independent, you are FREE FROM OUTSIDE CONTROL, or not depending on another’s authority. Another definition defines it as not depending on another for subsistence or livelihood.

Don’t be afraid to walk away from the crowd…

How many of us have been knowingly or either unknowingly depending on someone else for subsistence or livelihood? That is a horrible way to live so I pray that you see your value and the importance of your independence. You have the right to exist independently. No matter who or where you are. Fight for the right to exist on your own, as your own person. There is a joy in knowing that you don’t have to live dependent on anyone but self. I celebrate you today as you explore your PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE! Be blessed!

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