It was my third wedding anniversary and I was excited to go home and spend it with my husband. Before the festivities started, I had to go to the optometrist because I had been having eye problems and really bad headaches. I didn’t drive to work so my parents were picking me up because my husband was on his job.

I sat in the chair and the eye doctor asked me to read the bottom line of the eye graph. There were two lines of each segment on the eye graph. I asked, “Why is there two of the same size lines? I see a bottom row but I see two lines at the bottom, not one.” I was seeing double, exactly how I viewed the cars on top of each other when I used to drive.

My doctor flipped through the forms I had completed and asked, “How long have you had these bad headaches?” I answered that I had these headaches for months along with the double vision. She named a few other things and I agreed with all of her statements. She told me she could not prescribe a lens for me and I need to go see my doctor IMMEDIATELY.

I took her advice and months later they confirmed the diagnosis. They told me basically that I had an unknown disease with an unknown cure. Through the diagnosis, I grew to understand that I had a greater PROGNOSIS. No matter what my physical body was experiencing, I was going to be victorious. You can be the same way, walking in victory. This is what I blog about and is the basis of my online and offline existence… Be blessed!