MS Testimony

“Something is wrong with my eyes.” I told my family and friends. “I am seeing cars on top of each other! I might need glasses.”

When the eye exam occurred the doctor seemed concerned as soon as testing began.”Read the smallest line you see.”  I told her there were two lines that were the same. She turned the eye graph off and paced the floor looking for something. She found a very large book and after she asked me a few questions she said my condition could be optic neuritis and she could not accurately prescribe a lens until I saw a neurologist.

“You may have multiple sclerosis Quiyada. You need to schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately.”

I went home in confused tears. What? MS? That’s what Tamia, Montel and Richard Pryor has… but not me. I couldn’t possibly have MS.
The next two months were filled with tests. I took two MRIs, spinal taps and VER tests. I was tested for everything from lupus to chron’s disease. Then on December 1, 2006 I returned to my neurologist for the results.

He sat in the luxurious leather seat and pulled my xrays. He showed me a picture of my brain and my spine. They were spotted. He looked at me and confirmed what the eye doctor told me, “You have MS.”

With tears in my eyes I asked him, “How did I get it?” He told me that there is no known cause. It is assumed that the immune system attacks the good cells in the body as foreign invaders and eats away at the myelin sheath (the nerve covering). I commented, “So you are telling me my nerves are operating as live wires in some places?” He agreed. I asked, “So that’s what those spots are?” He agreed that the spots were scars on my myelin sheath in my central nervous system.

Still confused I asked, “How do I get rid of this?” He told me there is no cure for MS. Currently, there are only medications to slow down the progression of the disease. With this news I became extremely depressed but as 2007 approached I gained spiritual clarity.

Everything happens for a reason and I believe there has to be a deeper reasoning behind my unexpected MS diagnosis. Together, we will beat these damaging scars!

Multiple Sclerosis Survivor – Founder

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