Fidelity vs. Infidelity

Infidelity can be more than this…

I am a promoter of fidelity in its complete form, meaning both naturally and spiritually. When people think of infidelity, they usually think of it in the sense of what is occurring in the image above. They think that it is only when someone steps out on their partner, to be closer or intimate to someone else. True, this is a generic form of infidelity, and it can be hurtful. Can I be honest with you? Infidelity occurs in more ways than a cheating spouse. Let’s go deeper.

First, we must define its opposite. What is its opposite? Fidelity. So, let’s define that first. Fidelity is defined on as a strict observance of promises, duties, etc., loyalty, conjugal faithfulness (the well-known definition), adherence to facts or details, accuracy, or exactness. As you see, this is deeper than a secret relationship. In some respects, we can commit infidelity against others and even ourselves. This is the opposite of infidelity.

So, towards ourselves and others, we should be vigilant in being protectors of our promises, our duties and whatever else we declared. We should be loyal, of course in relationships, but in every way that we relate to others. It also states that we should stand by facts and details, their accuracy, and their exactness. Let’s take others out of this equation. We are talking about ourselves as individuals. Is our word credible? Are our actions worth trusting? When we walk in this type of integrity everything will be valued on the same level. Being unfaithful in a relationship wouldn’t even be an idea. When we walk in fidelity, we walk in faith. This isn’t just spiritual, it’s a life principle.

Now, let’s revisit our first focus, infidelity. The thing that has destroyed so many relationships, has also emulated personal lives. Let’s take the other person out of the equation again and just focus on us. We’re going back to the definition of the word. This will be eye-opening! Infidelity is defined on as, marital disloyalty; adultery, unfaithfulness; disloyalty, lack of religious faith, especially Christian faith, a breach of trust or a disloyal act; transgression.

Could I be cheating on God?

So, as we see, we are not the only ones that experience infidelity or disloyal acts! We see in the definition that the lack of religious faith is also listed in the hurtful definition for infidelity. Think about it. When we hurt over being heartbroken, remember how delicate our relationship with God is. What have we done to break HIS heart? After loving us so much, taking on human form, dying a death we should have died… then to experience infidelity, ON OUR PART. That must be something that makes you think.

I said all that to say this, let your word be credible and your actions respectable, in everything. No disloyal acts because you wouldn’t want that done to you. More importantly, do God right because he absolutely deserves your fidelity. Amen? Trust me, you will hear more about this on this website. God convicted me years ago with this message and I know that it will bring you even closer to him. Imagine someone loving you more than you could ever love anyone else, or even yourself. What a blessing! We’ll talk later. Stay inspired. 😉

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