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The scene outside of Heritage High School after two students were injured in a shooting.

“They are shooting!” My daughter’s voice was hushed but worried and the words in her whisper would frighten any parent. The high school that they attend was under attack but this couldn’t be happening in my area, where my kids attend school. Her father just calmly asked, “Are ya’ll safe?” She was in a safe area but she wasn’t sure where her sister was.

If we were operating in the flesh we would have immediately panicked but we had the grace to know that the same God that we prayed to was surrounding our daughters in the midst of this chaos. The news was filled with stories, both local and nationwide. This was happening in our neighborhood and with children and adults that we know. I closed my eyes and talked to my father. 

What do you do when you cannot physically address a pertinent situation like this? As time progressed, my daughter called back and advised us that her sister was on the hall where a shooting had occurred. She had been escorted out of the school by a marshal and they were now together. They had to be picked up by a parent and we said that we were on our way. The way their faces looked signified that they had been in a very fearful situation. Unlike the other school days, I did not have to ask how their day went. The nation, maybe even the world, was aware of how the day at their high school went. Even though we knew what the newscasters were reporting, I still had to ask when they got home, “How are you all doing?”

My oldest daughter, who is now in her senior year of high school simply said, “God was watching over us Ma.” She looked away briefly but her eyes returned to her parents. “That could have been us. We were so close.” That acknowledgement was enough to make me realize that they understood the power of the blood of Jesus. Yes, they were among other students but this time they were spared. It was simply grace and mercy.

I feel that not only the gun victims were injured but the shooter himself. His decision that day would compromise his entire life and that saddened me. Pardon me for bringing God into everything but I see how He continues to be omnipresent. I pray diligently for our youth because this is a different day and there are attacks and schemes planned everyday by principalities. These events don’t just occur physically but spiritually. Our children are fighting daily for their peace of mind. I do not know the specifics of the event and that is not necessary. The only necessary part is to teach our kids to guard their hearts with the peace of God. 

At any location, there could have been another student with a similar evil spirit whispering demise in their ear. I say that because we must remember that we do not wrestle against each other, but with spirits. These spirits have been assigned to kill, steal and destroy but we serve a sovereign God who has our lineage and their parents in His hands. Today and everyday, lets stay prayerful and thankful. Amen!

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