When Your Heart is Heavy…

Do you feel SPIRITUALLY Weak?

All of us have been there. Life will sometimes give you problems that you cannot manage or cope with. I have been there for a few weeks now. When I set out to create this website years ago, my goal was to let people know that people go through things just like them. It does not matter if it is spiritual or physical. All of us have scars. Someone somewhere knows what you are going through. If you find yourself currently in a dark place and the weight of the world is heavy.. I get it.

I spent last night literally in God’s face. I would not let His spirit leave until I felt like peace had been restored. Like a kid at their father’s knee, I cried, “God please help me! I cannot do this without you. My heart is heavy and I feel alone.” Saying that only meant that I acknowledged where the enemy was trying to put me. God already knows that we need certain things but he still needs to hear us “ask for” it. I showed my dependency last night. No, I haven’t been perfect and I haven’t done everything I was supposed to do but I knew that God still wanted to hear my cry and my repentant heart. So, I went to talk to Him.

I spent that time talking to Him and drowning myself in His love letter (the Bible). The older saints used to sing, “So many people doubt Him but I can’t live without Him. That is why I love Him so. He’s so real to me.” I dare you to spend time with him when you feel like you have no strength to carry on. Whatever we are facing is not our battle alone. We tend to take our own yoke but we were not instructed to do so. Sometimes we carry needless pain because we don’t take it to God in prayer like the hymn says. If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to God again for us all. Let’s get His attention with our prayer.

“Father God, thank You for being all sufficient and available to hear our requests. We do not always get it right and we are thankful for Your sovereignty which covers our imperfections. In the midst of the heartache, trouble and situations that we face, we know that You are a faithful God. Right now, in our troubled flesh, we ask Your spirit to saturate us. Drown us with Your living water and consume whatever that is ailing us with Your ever consuming fire. Burn up whatever is not like You and we invoke Your presence in our lives. Thank you for listening to our hearts when our flesh is weak. We trust Your Word and we thank You for instructing us to take Your easy yoke. Your Word reminds us in Matthew 11:28, that we can come to You when we are weary. You let us know that Your burdens are easy and your yoke is light. God we give the heavy things to You. We release the hard burdens that weigh us down. Yeshua, thanks for being our Savior and delivering us from the cares of this world as we seek Your face. In your precious and mighty name we pray, Amen!”

Live a blessed life knowing that you are loved by Yahweh, who is continually faithful! Blessings!

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