I offer web development, which means that I offer a service that builds the structure of an environment online (hosting). Sounds cool, eh?

Where the magic happens is here…

Yeah, I introduce people to various neighborhoods within the world wide community (internet). I have access to land in ninety online countries (top level domains). But once you have the place, the address you want (URL or domain name), you have to design the online structure. Think of this in an offline sense for a second. How do you build the structure of your environment offline?

Well, you first have to decide how big or small you want your house or office to be. How many rooms do you want or need (pages)? Do you need a big front yard (spacious homepage)? What color do you want the furniture, walls, doors to be (text/header/background/link color)?

After you design your home or office to your liking, you need to maintain it. No one wants to come to a home or office with outdated furniture (content) or have doors that lead no where (broken links). So as you see, it is a process. Luckily, if you get a website with Quiyada Website Services, you have the ability to design your own home after we finish developing it.

Does it sound like too much to do? I can do it for you for an additional fee as well as keep your home/office maintained online. Contact me today to schedule a FREE consultation and let me know what you are interested in. You will be glad you did.

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