The Ahmaud Arbery Story – and the Spiritual Virus It’s Causing

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I do not know where you were when you heard the story of Ahmaud Arbery, or even if it matters to you, but when I read and viewed the story on various news outlets I cried. How could something so cruel be done to an innocent individual? Have your own opinion but in my view he was simply jogging in a neighborhood and gunned down by two individuals who had wrong assumptions. This young man was jogging as he usually likes to do, according to his family. The two men on the left said they were only making a citizen’s arrest but somehow this did not appear to be that at all.

The black man was unarmed so what exactly were they defending themselves against? This is the fear of any minority that appears to be a threat to the wrong person. In the midst of COVID, this situation could not immediately be addressed as it should. In the midst of an international epidemic, the family of Ahmaud has to go through a similar infection. The infection of hatred and injustice that has plagued the United States for years. When will we stop placing people in boxes based on prejudice? When will we live beyond our past and actually view people as brothers and sisters? This is definitely an international virus of the same magnitude as COVID. Many countries and cultures have endured this ailment for too long. When will we all deem it necessary to take the vaccine for hatred and negativity? This vaccine is here today and we all need a double dose of it. It does not cost anything to be cured of this virus.

When we take the vaccine of LOVE we all will have clean hands and pure hearts. We all need to pray a prayer that brings us closer to peace with our fellow man… This is not a matter of religion but of humanity.

Gracious Father, see us in our darkest moment and give us pure hearts. Allow us to love each other inside and out without the basis of race or culture. When we see others as ourselves, we are able to love them as we would like others to love ourselves. Help us to see that we are no better than our brother or sister. Let us understand that we are all in this thing called life to enhance each other. We are here to lend hands that help and not hurt. Forgive us for the boundaries and the barriers we have built that are based on ignorance and arrogance. Allow us to be genuine and pure in all our intentions. Forgive us for sins and iniquities, known and unknown. Thank you for restoration, protection, peace, and blessings, Amen.

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