When I say that I am beyond excited to be pursuing my Masters at Liberty, it does not completely define my level of joy. First of all, it took a lot for me to say that I am strong enough to attend grad school. With that being said, I had so many things against me. There was the complications in my health, the need to balance family and school along with the financial component. I heard that grad school was not something that is easily afforded. So I thought, I will just wait. Then I remembered that the plan was to complete all of my higher learning before my oldest graduated from high school. Knowing that God can do exceedingly more than what I could ask or think, I did some research.

I realized that I had a lot to consider but one thing was for sure, I wanted to attend a faith-based college. This Masters degree had to be different. It had to mean something on so many levels. The love of computers was evident and the need to disseminate positive information was even greater, but how could I combine these two methods in a spiritual way? I wanted to be a part of an educational community that shared my same beliefs. Somewhere, there had to be a school that understood the need to be professional and purpose based. If a school like that existed, God must give me the clarity to find it. I prayed and I found that much needed liberty when I applied to the actual university, Liberty University.

Remember how the financial component was important? Well, Liberty has really cost efficient tuition and their rates have been consistent for years. That was a great relief to see that I could actually afford this education. Everything including the introduction to the school was drenching in faith and Christian values. Immediately, I knew that this was the place for me. So here I am, pursuing my Masters in Social Media Management. I chose this major because I know how to create websites now and I possess a bachelor’s with honors in that facet. So the mechanics are set but what about the delivery? Where are people most often now? It’s apparent that many people frequent social media. The question remained- How can we reach them in a positive yet engaging way? This and more will be addressed when this degree is pursued. To have the type of professors that possess the faith and functionality to get these skills is a blessing indeed. As I said in the beginning paragraph, I am overjoyed by this decision and I pray for God’s continued guidance as I enhance my ambassador skills online for the will of the Father. Amen.

Let’s do this!

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