Spiritual Multiple Sclerosis

(Med.) Induration; hardening; especially, that form of induration produced in an organ by increase of its interstitial connective tissue.

(Bot.) Hardening of the cell wall by lignification. Cerebro-spinal sclerosis (Med.), an affection in which patches of hardening, produced by increase of the neuroglia and atrophy of the true nerve tissue, are found scattered throughout the brain and spinal cord. It is associated with complete or partial paralysis, a peculiar jerking tremor of the muscles, headache, and vertigo, and is usually fatal. Formerly referred to as multiple sclerosis, disseminated sclerosis, or insular sclerosis, but now usually called only multiple sclerosis, or MS.
Sclerosis are scars. In multiple sclerosis it is scattered throughout the brain, spine and optic nerves.

When we look at it spiritually we will find that many of us are coping with or recovering from “spiritual multiple sclerosis”. If you have an issue that scarred you it may make you hard and it might continue to be on your mind in a negative way. This will affect your “spine” and cause damage to your spiritual walk. At this point your scar is damaging you and has turned into sclerosis. Scars are only meant to remind you that you are healed and should be treated that way.

Sclerosis can cause you to be partially paralyzed. You won’t be able to positively walk into your future with this type of mentality about your scar. It will cause needless headaches and could be fatal. We may have the scars but spiritually we can control its outlook.

Sclerosis also affects our optic nerves. It affects the vision in physical MS. The same is true in spiritual MS. If we let our past damage our spiritual central nervous system we will not view ourselves or others in a positive way. We will always see the negative in any situation thus damaging our spirits.

EVERYTHING that happened to me both negatively and positively is shaping me into the person God made me to be. I am aware of the injury that occurred but it will not damage my sight, my way of thinking, and my walking into my destiny. Amen.

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