I’ll wait but I am sure you won’t find it anywhere in the written Word of God that you claim to know so profoundly. I am utterly nauseous at how some people are treating fellow Christians nowadays, and lets not discuss those that are lost. That’s a different story. Just because someone does not have the money you have or the materialistic items that you possess, does not make them any lesser than you.

If you treat people based on what they have and refuse to offer assistance to those who need it, you don’t remind me of GOD at all. I can’t respect people who do not love genuinely but are the first to holler, run and scream in church. Shut your hateful self up, please. God is not please with your mouth worship when your actions are far from the words that come out of your mouth.

It is going to be a sad day on judgement day when God shows some people the exit instead of welcoming them in. They will be surprised because they gave all of the requested offerings, they stood proudly in their church ensembles each week, they are confident that God loves them more than the others. They are delusional and may God have mercy on their souls and may they be led to the truth before eternal damnation.

If you are inspired by anything I ever said, to God be the glory. I will never try to put myself on a pedestal because we all fall short. I am just one of those that can recognize my own faults. Right now, my heart is heavy and I am not sure about a lot of people in my life. The difference is, this time I am not blaming God for how His hardheaded children act. I will not let the actions of others deter me from a strong relationship with someone far bigger than them. God, have your way and your will be done in the lives of everyone who really needs you.

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