Scarred Not Scared

Scarred Not Scared is an online support group through Facebook and is for anyone who has ever been scarred in life. Many of us have dealt with things as adults that we are still recovering from or processing. Divorces, loss of jobs, family issues, failed relationships… we have all had our share of events that changed our lives. This is for those who may be very familiar with a psychological scar. 

Talking through your situation can be very effective for therapy. Digital communication has allowed us to speak vocally and through written word. However you choose to express yourself is acceptable in SNS. We appreciate your openness and give you an open floor to express your feelings. Sometimes, all you need is a person to hear or read your side of the story and understand your evolution over time. None of us have reached our full potential, so having an avenue to share will help us to grow together.

If this type of communication sounds interesting to you, I would be more than honored to have you as a part of this family. We are Christian and we don’t operate in judgement, understanding that love is not bias in its approach. We realize that we may not have the same scars but we are all offered the same forgiveness. We live in free remission of sin. We learned from our experiences and we are here to help and lead each other to divine healing. Thanks for your presence, if you choose to join. See you on Facebook!

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