Relapsing Remitting Damaging Scars

I am a proponent for a healthy central nervous system, both physically and spiritually. I say this with good reasoning. In 2006 I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and it taught me a lot about who I am. It was not issued as a punishment but as a portrait that would remind me of how fortunate I was spiritually.

According to the doctors I have become acquainted with this disease that came in a way that was not expectant. What caused it? There are medical assumptions but nothing seemingly concrete. The only thing that is apparent is the fact that my immune system is attacking itself. My myelin, which is meant to protect my nerve fibers, is treating my normal cells as foreign invaders. These attacks have caused damage by scaring the covering.

Ok, so what medicine can I take to heal the situation? According to current physiology there is no known cure. So what do I have to do? Slow the progression with drugs. It can be something that can break the spirit but I refuse to give it that authority. Unfortunately, I am not able to do many things I have done before. Every day is different and sometimes just waking up and getting out of bed is a dire task. This is something that we, MS Warriors, deal with often. Many of us have different symptoms so no case is alike. What scars me may not scar others but we all deal with scarring.

I mentioned spiritual central nervous systems earlier and briefly I’d like to introduce you to my life’s mission. Your physical spiritual central nervous system consists of your brain, your spine and your optic nerves. In MS these areas are damaged and not able to function properly. Why? The scars slow or downright block the travel of the nerves to the proper body part. That’s why we fall sometimes, we stutter, we get confused, we forget, we have double vision and many more symptoms.

Spiritually, what has scarred you? What traumatic event has caused your future to stop or stall? What happened that caused you to stop seeing yourself as beautiful or someone full of potential? That situation damaged your spiritual sight or optic nerves. What event has you thinking differently about yourself? Why do you think differently about you and others? You are suffering from damage in your spiritual “brain”. Lastly, but just as important, have you stopped moving toward your destiny? Are you scared to try again because you are sick of falling? That pause in purpose can be credited to a damaged spiritual “spine”. You are out of alignment with your purpose.

It is my mission in life to encourage others to restore their spiritual myelin and live in remission or forgiveness. Forgive yourself, forgive others and accept divine forgiveness. I don’t do this for profit or popularity but for purpose. We need more good news and I want to give it to you. You have purpose and you have a reason to be here on this earth. Someone’s destiny can be catapulted through your testimony. This blog and every social network presence I am on is intended to show you my scars. No matter how ugly or painful they are they are forgiven and you and I will be better for living pass the scar.

P.S. Sclerosis is a damaging scar. Declare no more sclerosis and turn every lesion into a lesson. Live beyond your injury.



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