Happy 2020!

I am wishing all of you a pleasant and productive new year. We have all heard cliches for previous new year celebrations but this year speaks for itself. Make sure you see everything in 2020 this upcoming year. Have no cloudy vision and make sure you are focusing with your spiritual eyes. It is our responsibility to operate knowing that all things are working together for our good. Even if it is unclear to your natural eye, you must realize that we cannot live with those limitations. Things have happened in previous years that I would have never imagined.

Last year to be exact, I received my bachelor’s in computer information technology and it took everything in me to reach that goal. At times, I could not see my dream as attainable but with faith I did not give up on the process. Whatever you see in your spirit, you can reach in the natural. Through all obstacles and situations, you can be an achiever. If you dreamed big in 2019, dream bigger in 2020. If you are strong enough to pursue your purpose, you are more than capable to achieve it. Happy new year to you and yours.




HE IS My Peace…

I really can’t tell you the color of his skin. Honestly, I could care less about minute details like that. All I know is that when I called Him he answered. When I was depressed, he was an agent to peace.

I’ve had times when I couldn’t pray. My tears drowned my thoughts but Jesus healed my heart. Sometimes the damage seemed unrepairable. How was I going to make it pass this? Then He promised to come to my defense.

I never had to question his motive or second guess this love. Thank you Jesus for being the prince of peace. I owe you ME.

WE DON’T own the keys to the kingdom… God does!

Ever heard the statement, “you don’t have a heaven or hell to put me in”? Well, some people believe they do own the keys to the Kingdom of God. More precisely, some people think you can only find God one way. We all should know that we do not find God the same way but there is only one way to reach him… that’s through Jesus Christ.

Take for instance, Paul. Paul was a Christian murderer and was known for his countless assaults on Christians. Yes, he was a Christian assassin. So imagine how he felt when he was temporarily blinded and transformed. He testified of his experiences but some people still didn’t trust his new-found Christian lifestyle.

Am I comparing Kanye’s transformation to the great Apostle Paul? Well no, but I am saying that you and I do not have the master key to heaven. Just maybe, he had an epiphany. Maybe he had an experience that called him to Christ. Nonetheless, he may be impacting people who wouldn’t know about Christ otherwise. I remember when I first listened to “Jesus Walk with Me”. I thought, it is something more to this song. This dude might really know something and hiding it in his music. All of us have experiences that led us to Christ, so who are we to think that Kanye is any different?

All of us have a past and someone knew us when we weren’t saved. πŸ€” If they discredited your relationship with God, how would you feel?

Of course, we are to hold each other accountable in our faith but we are not to judge. Pray for him and each other as we operate as ambassadors on earth because that is what the great commission is all about.