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What is your Spiritual Immune System

Hope you are having a blessed day. As promised, I am going to delve into this “spiritual immune system” post.
Ok, when I was diagnosed with MS the neuro tried to explain MS to me. He did the best he could – there is no “cure” and no defined “cause” for MS. But he did tell me what researchers had been studying. In MS, it is thought that the immune system attacks the good cells in the body and begins to eat away at the nerve covering, myelin. Myelin covers the nerves and allows a straight path to the central nervous system. With MS, the immune system which is supposed to fight contamination and disease… eats away at this covering.
Where am I going with this? Glad you asked.

With NMS we strive to promote remission from this disease and from the effects of spiritual damaging scars. Think for a minute, is your spirit (your spiritual immune system) eating away at your covering? Your immune system, in this case your spirit, is supposed to protect you against contamination. It’s supposed to see negativity and say “No! You can’t enter here with that junk!” Has your spirit turned against you like the immune system does? I can speak personally… I remember a time, not too long ago, when an event changed how I acted. It changed my smile to a frown and ultimately changed my character. The girl I used to be was attacked by the girl reacting to the scar. It was an ugly picture.
But wait, our spirit is supposed to protect us right? Your spirit is supposed to block any contaminated thought and fight negative infection. Just like MS… we may be scarred by our own spirits. The good in us is reacting to the bad we have experienced. Don’t let the good in you be attacked due to a scar. You used to smile often and live your life to the fullest. Now is different… you’d rather live in your own little world without the risk of being hurt. Watch it, your spiritual immune system may be damaged and scarring you. Is your spirit scarring you or others today?
The first thing we need to do is link back up with God… After a scar it’s hard to think positive… if you are thinking on your own.
“I was hurt!”
“I was misunderstood!”
“Nobody understands me!”
Change those feelings to what God feels about you… and smile again. Start with this thought:

Psalm 139:14 (Contemporary English Version)

14and I praise you

   because of

   the wonderful way

   you created me.

   Everything you do is marvelous!

   Of this I have no doubt.


Everything God does is marvellous. He created you wonderfully. Today, recognize the good in you and nurture it and don’t let an event or person strip you of that ability. That’s a thought… if you have input or feedback let me know.

We want to go deeper into the “spiritual” issue of MS – lets talk.