From cell: I appreciate the friends i have gainee thru NMS. I am thankful that God has sent me ppl with similar scars that I can relate to. It is priceless.




If this is how your heart looks I can relate and thanks for being transparent enought to admit it. Some people cannot. We all have been scarred in the heart area. Someone somewhere has done us wrong but there is joy in remission and restoration. There is joy in the fact that the past does not define our future. It is a lesson that shows you that you are stronger than the event or the obstacle. Your life is worth more and it’s brighter than that darkness you experienced. When I started NMS I wanted to start a group that could relate to scars. You didn’t have to have multiple sclerosis and I am glad that some people join without the diagnosis. I think all of us know a little about scarring.


That is why I value everyone that finds us here online. Whether or not you did an online search or someone told you about NMS… you have joined and become family. When I got diagnosed in 2006 I literally thought God had it in for me. I had done so much wrong God wanted revenge. I felt he was getting it with multiple sclerosis. That was not the case. Surprisingly, I found out that God wanted to heal multiple sclerosis (scars) in my spirit while I worked just as hard to find a cure for this ugly disease. Just like others, I was scarred. The doctor told me sclerosis meant scars. I thank him for that simple word. He unknowingly reminded me that I had been wounded multiple times and I had the scars to prove it. I asked the doctor was the disease fatal. He told me my health was not compromised to death.


The same goes for your emotional scars. No doubt! You have been injured but it is not fatal. Don’t let it claim your life. You are still here for a reason because you are reading this. There is purpose to your scar. Even though it may be an ugly injury that scar proves that the situation is healed. If you or someone you know has a heart like the one shown above I dare you to call them today, drop them an email and remind them that they are not their scar… they are much more!


Invite them to join the NMS family. Sometimes you don’t know what a little online fellowship and an inspiring email can do for someone.


Love you,


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