Give Us Clean Hands and a Pure Heart

Since the Coronavirus has occurred, the news and most medical audiences have us focused on the main things that we should have known before this universal virus occurred. We have now been globally asked to clean our hands and take better care of ourselves, both internally and externally. This is nothing new and this advice is nothing that is new to any adult or person who knows how to take care of themselves. So here we are in an epidemic that has affected this entire world and we all need to give ourselves a much needed internal review. While we are washing our physical hands, I pray that we are giving the same attention to our spiritual hands and our heart, the spiritual side of it.

Think about it, have we washed our hands of the misdeeds we have done? Are we still holding the trash that we should have decomposed years ago? If you’re like me, I used to say, “I can’t get over that!” Trust me, that thing you can’t get over and continue to hold on to will keep you unclean. Cleaning our hands consist of using more than just water. If we only use water to clean our hands we are only loosening the debris or the dirt that is on our hands. If we touch our mouths, our eyes, our nose, or even our face…we risk the chance of an infection. If we are only loosening the spiritual debris, whenever it gets close to our thoughts, our speech or our vision we risk the chance of infecting ourselves and in return infecting others.

This situation is synonymous to spiritual multiple sclerosis. We can live a scarred life and cripple our future or those who are attached to us. The same is true when we spread spiritual infections. Don’t have a negative viral spread on others. Instead of infecting others with something that could possibly kill them, infect them with a clean heart and clean hands. Show them that everyone is not infected with a deadly spirit. They can come around you and not need to be socially distant. Let them understand that when they get around you they are infected with joy, peace, and happiness. Let it be evident that what you have is worth catching and eternal life is the prognosis. Let’s promote peace in such a transformative time. We could be depressed and lost but we are joyful and free because we have something the world needs… the peace that passes understanding.

Father God,

We come to you as humble as we can, understanding that you are the joy that gives us strength in a time when peace seems so far fetched. Allow us to smile in the face of adversity with the simple confidence that you are in control of every situation. We know that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and we cannot come against something this great with our might alone. Therefore, we ask you to keep your angels of protection around us as you guard our thoughts and our ways. Nothing is impossible for you and nothing is happening that you did not know beforehand. Let your sovereignty be our peace in these uncertain times. In your matchless and authoritative name we pray. We decree and declare that victory is ours! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Blessings to you and yours forever!


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