“Many things about tomorrow…

…I don’t seem to understand. But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.” Death has a way of opening up your mind to brand new perspectives that you once ignored. When I heard the news about people my age who passed away this month, I cried. I seriously felt deep depression. It seemed unfair to me at first. How could God take people away from this earth who were so genuine and loved for their harmless nature? Somewhere in my psyche, I tried to understand how this could happen when the God I love is supposed to be one of love.

Personally, I was dealing with my own situations. People close to me were battling health conditions and I myself had my own situations with health. It seemed like everything I had built my faith upon was colliding. Something did not seem right. Why was a question that kept surfacing in my spirit. I did not understand and a part of me felt broken by the situations and circumstances I and those close to me were facing. Is there a way to please God and why is it that I felt so lost? Maybe I need more money to better handle my situations. Something was missing that needed to be the focus of my success. So, I get my paperwork together and think seriously about pursuing professional studies. Money in the future would definitely protect me from the pain I was feeling. People with success don’t deal with this type of depression or suffer this type of loss. Right? Wrong!

Then I was in preparing to leave church on Sunday and people were grabbing their face and one lady in the crowd walked to where I was. I heard her say, “Kobe Bryant is dead.” Being a person that engages in much social media, I felt as though someone was populating a bad rumor and this could not be true. He is close to my age. He was healthy. How would he be dead. Then after doing various searches from credible sources it was confirmed. Kobe Bryant, age 41, father of four, NBA star, was killed in a helicopter crash. To make matters worse, his daughter who was with him died as well.

At that very moment, I realized that money and status is insignificant when it comes down to how we live our lives and what the end result will be. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, sick or well, up or down, when it is your time to leave earth you will have no other option but to take your exit. This post may seem dark and dreary but that is not my intent. I want to tell you that you do not know what tomorrow contains. It may be successful or it may be contrary to your plans but the truth is it is already predestined. No matter what the result of the day is, it is already known by God. So what are we to do with such uncertainty?

TRUST GOD and NUMBER YOUR DAYS. Trust God with every aspect of your life. Trust God with your heart. Will life send stuff that hurts us? Yes. Will we cry sometimes and need comfort? Yes. Through all of that, we have someone who is concerned about us. Some gems are not meant to stay here for long and even though it may seem unfair to us, God knows best. Heaven does not have to wait for those God commands home. So while we are here, we are to work while it is day. While we can be impactful, lets do just that. Smile when you want to cry. Know that someone is interested in your future and every day of your life has been written in the book of life. Love to you and yours forever and a day.

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