How I Met My Best Friend

My mother used to tell me, “Never ignore good people. They are the best friends to have.” I went through my life trying to find the best friends. I always thought I had found the right one. This person would treat me with respect. I can entrust my feelings with them. I can be myself around them and they would, by no means, judge me. Well… I had some that fulfilled their duties as friends and others had no intent to be truthful. It hurt. How can I give myself totally to someone if I can’t trust them with my feelings? There were relationships that failed, friends who walked away… It left me asking, “Why?” Am I that horrible of a person that people choose not to value my friendship?
Then I heard about someone.
He and I had met previously. My mom and dad introduced me to him. They promised me that he would be a good friend. He was a good friend to them. He always made my mom emotional whenever they talked. She would tell me, “Just being around him makes me feel good.” My father always seemed to be picked up or inspired after being around him. Later on in life I realized my siblings knew this man also. They had similar experiences. They valued his relationship and encouraged me to get to know him.
I reluctantly obliged to go to his father’s house. Many times I would go but I never saw his father. The people in the house were supposed to be children of his father. The way they stared at me made me cringe. Their eyes would say, “What is she doing here?” She has no reason to come into our father’s house. Their attitudes caused me to cease coming even though I wanted to meet this man I had heard so much about.
Time passed and my family kept reminding me that this man wanted to see me. My reply was, “I go to his daddy’s house and he’s never there. The people there don’t tell me anything about him. They just look at me strange. If he wants to find me he has to come to me. I’m not going back to that house again.”
So there I was, enjoying my life. Abundant alcohol, lavish gifts from boyfriends, making ends meet…
Then one day I was at home watching television and heard a voice whisper, “I love you.” Looking around, I saw no one but the voice continued, “I apologize for how my father’s children acted. He has been trying to teach them about love since the foundation of the world because HE is love. I want to clarify something. I have always wanted to be close to you. If you had sincerely searched for me you would have found me. You don’t find me in religion rather in relationship. Whatever you need I am able to be. Accept me in your heart and I promise to stay with you. You can take my invitation and embrace it or you may deny it altogether. You are so loved. Don’t ever forget that. You can have the same experiences everyone else has with me. I never change. I’m Alpha and Omega, your best friend, Jesus.”

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