Happy Holidays 2018 – Keep Smiling Regardless


Thanks for all the emails and instant messages that have been sent over the past months. You all are special to my heart. I chuckled at a few asking, “Yada, can you just tell me if you are alive?” Yes, I am alive. I have been somewhat active on social media but I am not as well as I would like to be due to multiple sclerosis. I am still blessed with life and recovering from a few side-attacks but all is well. I thought you all should know.

More importantly, this year is almost over. Can you believe it? 2018 may have came and gone but it definitely left its impact on us all. There were things I wish I could have changed. I cried more than I laughed and reluctantly frowned more than I smile. I don’t know if you experienced similar trials in 2018 but I made myself a personal resolution, “Smile no matter what.” The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a slogan, “KeepSmyelin”. This word play focuses on what many of us have lost – myelin. In an attempt to add motivation to the situation, we have been admonished by them to “Keep Smyelin” (aka keep smiling).

Even though these words were intended to encourage those with multiple sclerosis you know that NMS has a broader view of multiple sclerosis. We focus on building anyone up who has been scarred, whether physically or emotionally. So let me ask you, “Are you still smiling?” This question needs to be asked to everyone who ever found a reason to frown. Don’t let any situation steal your “smyle”.

What exactly is myelin? Well, it’s the covering that layers over nerve fibers. In multiple sclerosis, our body has turned against itself. Instead of myelin being viewed as a helping agent, it is viewed as a violator and it is scarred. This scarring can cause nerve transmission to slow up or stop altogether. Due to this destruction of myelin we suffer from a great variety of disabilities. That’s the physical. Let’s go spiritual. What situation in your life scarred your covering or your self-esteem? You may have been so positive before but after this “traumatic injury” happened, you started to attack yourself. 

I encourage you to live your best life because you deserve it. You are entitled to no more sclerosis. Allow yourself to be healed in your spirit. Take this mentality starting today and you are bound to have a better new life and year. I know it is true! 

Missing you, 


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