Close Chaos

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The scene outside of Heritage High School after two students were injured in a shooting.

“They are shooting!” My daughter’s voice was hushed but worried and the words in her whisper would frighten any parent. The high school that they attend was under attack but this couldn’t be happening in my area, where my kids attend school. Her father just calmly asked, “Are ya’ll safe?” She was in a safe area but she wasn’t sure where her sister was.

If we were operating in the flesh we would have immediately panicked but we had the grace to know that the same God that we prayed to was surrounding our daughters in the midst of this chaos. The news was filled with stories, both local and nationwide. This was happening in our neighborhood and with children and adults that we know. I closed my eyes and talked to my father. 

What do you do when you cannot physically address a pertinent situation like this? As time progressed, my daughter called back and advised us that her sister was on the hall where a shooting had occurred. She had been escorted out of the school by a marshal and they were now together. They had to be picked up by a parent and we said that we were on our way. The way their faces looked signified that they had been in a very fearful situation. Unlike the other school days, I did not have to ask how their day went. The nation, maybe even the world, was aware of how the day at their high school went. Even though we knew what the newscasters were reporting, I still had to ask when they got home, “How are you all doing?”

My oldest daughter, who is now in her senior year of high school simply said, “God was watching over us Ma.” She looked away briefly but her eyes returned to her parents. “That could have been us. We were so close.” That acknowledgement was enough to make me realize that they understood the power of the blood of Jesus. Yes, they were among other students but this time they were spared. It was simply grace and mercy.

I feel that not only the gun victims were injured but the shooter himself. His decision that day would compromise his entire life and that saddened me. Pardon me for bringing God into everything but I see how He continues to be omnipresent. I pray diligently for our youth because this is a different day and there are attacks and schemes planned everyday by principalities. These events don’t just occur physically but spiritually. Our children are fighting daily for their peace of mind. I do not know the specifics of the event and that is not necessary. The only necessary part is to teach our kids to guard their hearts with the peace of God. 

At any location, there could have been another student with a similar evil spirit whispering demise in their ear. I say that because we must remember that we do not wrestle against each other, but with spirits. These spirits have been assigned to kill, steal and destroy but we serve a sovereign God who has our lineage and their parents in His hands. Today and everyday, lets stay prayerful and thankful. Amen!

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“Magnify and Exalt” DPWC Midday Motivation

Psalms 34:3 has two verbs that show an action that we should apply to God. We should MAGNIFY Him and we should also EXALT Him. When we magnify our Father we make Him greater than what we see. Think about it. What thing in your life is BIG or appears to be BIGGER than the GOD you serve? Take that situation and magnify your GOD against it. In many situations we magnify the situation over God. Your bill is due and you don’t know where the money is coming from, We are quick to say, “I don’t know how this is going to get taken care of! I can’t take care of this!” Instead we should magnify our God against the situation and say, “My Father will supply all my needs and He is working this situation out in my favor.” In the latter situation God is magnified over the circumstance. Where can you magnify God today?

Secondly, it says that we should EXALT His name. When something is exalted, it is lifted to a higher level. The Bible says that GOD should be highly exalted. If everything negative appears to be exalted, place God where other things are. When we exalt God above our situations we place Him higher than what seems to be above our ability or our provision. So, in our next situation where the issue seems above our heads or out of our natural view, lift God above the situation. When we lift Him up we can also look toward the hills and find help.

Then it tells us how to do these two verbs. We should magnify and exalt God TOGETHER. Do you know someone in a similar situation or going through their very own trial? Admonish them to do the same thing with you. When we magnify and exalt God together, we display His name as great and powerful and your testimony will bless someone as theirs does the same for you.

So try that next time. I will do the same. Make God bigger and lift Him higher- TOGETHER and greatness will be your portion. Amen.

“Who do YOU think I am?” – DPWC Midday Inspiration

Ask anyone you know who goes to church or claims they believe in God, “Who is Jesus?” Some may call him a healer, a comforter, a way-maker and their own personal experience will define who He is to them. Jesus asked this question to His disciples once. He asked them about what they had heard about Him. He wanted to know the perception of him among others. They gave Him several examples that others were giving of His character.

Then Jesus asked Peter the question that spoke volumes about his relationship with the man he chose to follow. He asked Peter personally, “Who do YOU say that I am?” Peter responded, “You are the Son of God!” Jesus said that the Spirit revealed this to Peter and the truth was Peter would be the rock on which Jesus would build the church.

Has Jesus asked where He stands in your life? He will definitely ask you how others in your life are perceiving Him but the ending question will always be “Who do YOU say that I am?”. Remember, our relationship with Jesus is personal and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what everyone else feels about Him as long as they know how you feel about Him. Do we make it clear that we know He is the Son of God? Of course, He is a healer and all of that but at the end of the day all that matters is that He is the Son of God and in Him there is no failure. Amen1

“Yesterday, Today, FOREVER!” – DPWC Midday Inspiration

I have heard it said far too many times, (and I may have said it myself) “People change so much! You don’t know who you can depend on!” Well, it’s true. There are people who cannot be wholeheartedly trusted and if we are honest, we have been guilty of not loving our neighbors as ourselves. One person in our lives have been consistent in their behavior with us… that’s GOD.

Even though we haven’t been faithful to HIM, HE still finds a way to continue to be true to the nature of HIS character. There is no need to doubt the love that is shown by Abba. I have heard people say in church, “I can’t doubt Him because I know too much about Him.” If your relationship with God is solid, you can testify to the fact that Jesus is the same, YESTERDAY, TODAY and you can bet it will last FOREVER. Amen!

“They Won’t Be SUCCESSFUL!” – DPWC Midday Inspiration

“No weapon that is formed against you will succeed;
And every tongue that rises against you in judgment you will condemn.
This [peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And this is their vindication from Me,” says the Lord.” AMP Isaiah 54:17

We have quoted this scripture countless times. I like how the Amplified version details just how the weapon will be nonfunctional. Things will happen in our lives and trials will occur but the simple truth remains in the fact that the weapon that is structured to bring defeat, sorrow, pain… WILL NOT SUCCEED.

And understand the validity in this verse. NO WEAPON includes everything that is setup to bring you a bad report. Whether it be in your mind, body or your spirit, it will not succeed. For that, we should be eternally grateful that we have such a covering due to our FAITH. Amen!

Lose Weight in 2021


Hebrews 12:1 (Amplified)

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness], stripping off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles us, let us run with endurance and active persistence the race that is set before us,

I admonish everyone who has the opportunity to read this to take these words to heart. Many of us are carrying unnecessary weight and it is causing us both physical and spiritual sickness. Take for instance, how many of us are still trying to maintain the same friends or lifestyle that we had before finding Christ? I will be the first to say that I tried to “fit in” when I have evidently been “called out”.

This type of common behavior will cause us to be captured into something that we have a hard time getting free from. We find ourselves trying to compromise in order to belong to a certain group of people. So I have to lose the spiritual weight that I have been holding on to for some time. I felt like a person in the natural. “If I just disguise my actions by doing this and that, no one will notice the difference.” How wrong of me to assume that my weight gain would be unnoticeable..

So I’m working spiritual muscle in order to be able to be prepared for the task or the “race” that is set before me. I tried to run the race without proper nutrition. I wasn’t reading my Bible like I should have and I was succumbing to the plan of the enemy. The scripture reminds us that we are surrounded by such a multitude or cloud of witnesses. They are waiting on us to be true representatives of this faith that we proclaim. Needless to say, I see myself in clear view and I do not like the unfit person that I have become.

If you hadn’t noticed, the blog is totally new. I did that because I wanted to start fresh. I can’t minister to you with trash in my system and as we all know, hurt people hurt people. I want to be pure in my delivery of this message so I have repented and refueled. Remission and Fidelity are important to me and I know that God has given me just a glimpse of what is about to occur. I’m ready to work this thing out and I am glad that you are here to join me. Blessings to you and yours. Welcome to the NEW www.quiyada.net.

Tell the Naysayers

Did God forgive you of your sins? Are you a better person now than you were before? Praise God! There may be others who do not believe in the testimony that you give. Don’t let that discourage you. Remission is for everyone and remission is now. You are entitled to it and you are walking in divine authority. What everyone else thinks is a simple opinion. They can have it and you can have the victory! Choose victory.

Still Thankful in 2020

No matter what has occurred this year, I refuse to be anything but thankful. Can you think of a year in your life that has been more hectic than 2020? It was globally crazy. This entire world has been touched by Covid19, America is still waiting on its former president to concede to the new one, racial profiling and criminal activity is synonymous to times like the civil war movement… and more. Still, I know that there is a blessing in this storm and even though we are going through crazy times that may seem hopeless, we know a God who is greater. I am giving all of my concerns to him and I pray that you do the same. Be consistently and abundantly blessed. View the video below to see something that will inspire you to stay thankful. Amen!