About Quiyada

Hello, my name is Quiyada and I can be found on many social networks promoting  remission and fidelity in various ways.

We all have certain people or social groups connected to us. In this huge yet intricate web, there are many things that are disseminated to viewers. Lets work on how we relate to each other. Lets build positive and responsive relationships that strengthen each other. If you have something to share, then use your gift as you see fit. Your words may impact someone’s life for the good.

I, like you, found that my audience was waiting for someone to share a story similar to their own. My audience includes those who are living with chronic illnesses, especially autoimmune diseases. I can speak to people within this audience because I also have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis.

There are also those who  have been scarred spiritually. Instead of just focusing on my physical condition, I am also focusing on the spiritual side of emotional scars. I am promoting the fact that a scar is a mark from a healed wound. This is not meant to minimize the painful experience but to encourage the power of recovery and  change. NoMoreSclerosis was created to promote remission and forgiveness among all people, whether diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or not.

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