About Quiyada

Hello, my name is Quiyada and I have always had a love for computers. As a young child in the early nineties, computers intrigued me. I discovered a “voice” behind the digital setup and I am encouraging others to find theirs. My “digital voice” has developed over the years and I am seen on many social networks for positive causes. I am a strong believer in addressing your audience online.

We all have certain people or social groups connected to us. In this huge intricate web are many things that can either edify or mortify its viewers. If you have something worth sharing, be it a business or an idea, you need a website to make your personal mark within this online setup. I, like you, found that my audience was waiting for someone to share a story similar to mine.

My audience includes those who are living with chronic illnesses, especially autoimmune diseases. I can speak to people within this audience because I also have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis. Instead of just focusing on the physical aspect, I am also focusing on the spiritual side of scars as well. I am promoting the fact that a scar is a mark from a healed wound. NoMoreSclerosis was created to promote remission and forgiveness among all people, whether diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or not.